Knowledge Based Agriculture In 21st Century – Global Models

ONLINE FOUNDATION COURSE KNOWLEDGE – BASED AGRICULTURE IN 21st CENTURY – GLOBAL MODELS Polyversity International is aiming at human capital development . The intention is to enrich the knowledge, skills and competencies of the agri farmers to enable them creating a capable new generation of practitioners. Particularly, they are equipped with the 21st century competencies, to compete in the local and global markets and cope with the emerging future challenges. The core focus of this course is the orienting the farmers and professionals on the futuristic approaches and successful global models of agri farming
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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Introduction and Rationale :
Polyversity International has the intent to enrich applied knowledge and skills of the agri professionals and farmers to transform their traditional practices into new generation of knowledge – based applications. Particularly, they trained on the 21st century competencies, now considered crucial for farmers to compete in the market and cope with the future challenges.

Today world is becoming more complicated, complex and competing. In the 21st century, farmers require much more information and technological literacy, beyond the basic knowledge. They are facing challenging situations as the global market is becoming more and more technology oriented. With this changing landscape, what was considered a best practice in the past. is no longer enough to gain success in the financial market. Even new kind of challenges for agri sectors such as environmental changes, water shortage, increasing demand for food and nutrition, massive use of pesticides and many other issues are changing the landscape. Considering the new needs and demands , there is a global movement for imparting the “21st Century Skills” to the farmers. In the light of that, the agriculture practices need to be reformed and expanded by incorporating the modern knowledge and skills. Globally a number of experiments have shown good results. The farmers and agri professional are expected to adapt these models to local requirements to prepare the new generation of agricultural practices.

This can be achieved through training the farmers and other agri professionals on 21st century knowledge , skills and competencies. This course will help them in getting education and awareness on various global models that can transform the agriculture sectors and facilitate the farmers to earn high income by enhancing quality and yield of their products.


Target Audience: 
1 – Agri Farmers
2 – Agri Professionals


English with Urdu explanation

Learning Objectives:
This course is aiming at orientation of the farmers on the new generation of agriculture in the 21st century.

The course is structured on vital futuristic competencies and modern knowledge based skills essential for the today farmers to remain relevant in the agriculture market.

The participants will have comprehensive awareness on the diverse model which are proved successful and beneficial in many countries.

Projected Outcomes :
The participants, after completing the course, are expected to have full orientation on the 21st century global practices in agri field. They will have comprehensive understanding on value addition of their products improving quality and yield according to the ongoing market trends. Particularly, they will have fundamental knowledge on getting maximum financial returns by application of innovative models and futuristic practices.

Course Outlines
This course is very rich in content as it is based upon the global perspectives, universal paradigms and effective experiences. The course is structured around a mix of diverse models which have proved their effectiveness in many countries of world.
The significant subjects and topics may include:

– Significance of knowledge based agriculture

– 21st Century challenges, complexities, needs on requirements

– Orientation on the new generation of agriculture in the 21st Century

– Transformation from traditional to new generation of agriculture

– 21st Century knowledge, skills and competencies essential for farmers

– Coping with multisectoral challenges related to agriculture

– Fundamental information on global practices and innovative agri models

– Modern approaches for value addition with improved quality and yield

– Responding to the emerging trends and market requirements

– Guidelines for getting maximum financial returns of agriculture

– Improving socio – economics status of the farmers and their families[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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