Polyversity International is dedicated to empowering professionals and youth through intellectual growth, while unlocking their potential through knowledge and skills development.


Welcome to Polyversity International, a global institute dedicated to human capital development. In this intricate era, every day brings unanticipated and farfetched contests and challenges. Particularly, with the advent of the 21st century, globalization and the open market economy have stemmed multidimensional impacts and anomalies influencing every walk of human life. The resultant socio-economic transitions coupled with pioneering technological advancements have exceptionally transformed the world into an interactive global settlement, functioning in a highly complex environment. In this milieu, the new generation has to live, work and survive in distinctly competing and challenging situations and settings. These conditions are commonly featured with constructive as well as destructive driving forces, which interplay in all directions and dimensions. On the positive side, the presence of countless opportunities and potentials complements human abilities and actions in dealing with lifetime contests.

At Polyversity International, we recognize the significance of enriching and galvanizing the competencies of functioning professionals and aspiring youngsters in order to accomplish success in life and career, while coping with the challenges and conditions of this century. Our mission is to impart comprehensive educational programs that nourish the target audience by expanding their knowledge, skills, and competencies. These endeavors will be further complemented with sustained knowledge promotion mechanisms and innovative development initiatives.

Our home page showcases several top-notch and vital study programs that have been conceived based on the gaps and needs of diverse priority groups. These programs are expected to support the intellectual growth, competencies development, and social grooming of professionals and youth, taking them closer to their preferred goals and success. Few programs are on board, while many are in pipeline. We welcome your suggestions, technical contributions, and collaboration in supporting this sustainable national and global development.

After a rich career in United Nations/World Health Organization at the global level, I returned to Pakistan with the vision to serve humanity and “Pay Back to Motherland” by using the knowledge, skills, and competencies achieved during international service. With that intention and dream, Polyversity International has been established as a global institute focusing on human capital development. It will duly contribute to national and global development through its multi-dimensional programs.

Our comprehensive educational programs are available at nominal costs to ensure access by everyone. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to develop their skills and competencies to contribute to national and global development.

We extend an open invitation to institutions and individuals to collaborate in this noble cause of enriching and galvanizing the competencies of the new generation and social groups in general. Let us work together towards a brighter future for everyone.

Polyversity International is particularly devoted to supporting the professionals and youth in their intellectual growth, competencies development and social grooming that may take them to their preferred goals and success. For that, several top-notch and vital study programs have been conceived, which are based upon the gaps and needs of diverse priority groups. Few programs are being launched at inauguration, while many are in pipeline.

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