Polyversity International is facilitating the youth and working professionals in their intellectual growth and competencies development

After an extended career in UN/World Health Organization at global levels, I opted to return to my motherland with the vision to serve the humanity and ‘Pay Back to Pakistan’ by using the knowledge, skills and competencies achieved during international service. With that intention and dream, Polyversity International has been established as a global institute focusing on the human capital development. It will duly contribute in sustainable national and global development.
Polyversity International affectionately welcomes your suggestions, technical contributions and collaborations in supporting comprehensive development of the youth and diverse groups of society.
Polyversity International is particularly devoted to supporting the professionals and youth in their intellectual growth, competencies development and social grooming that may take them to their preferred goals and success.
For that, several top-notch and vital study programs have been conceived, which are based upon the gaps and needs of diverse priority groups. Few programs are currently launched, while many are in the pipeline.
These online study programs are expected to nourish the target audience through expanding their knowledge, skills and competencies. These endeavors will be further complemented with sustained knowledge promotion mechanisms and innovative development initiatives. Since the primary intention is national and global development; the cost of the eCourses is kept nominal to facilitate access by everyone.
Looking forward exceptionally competent youth and professionals enthusiastically contributing in local and global development.

Dr Muhammad Mahmood Afzal

Chairman: Polyversity International