Scope & Values

Polyversity International has a broad scope of value-based human capital development programs

Polyversity International, at the outset, is offering top-notch home-study online courses (eCourses) under various program categories exhibited on the website.

Polyversity International, to carry out its futuristic vision and progressive agenda, has strategized a set of noble values and principles that are assimilated in the whole span of its services and programs.







Today life is exceedingly complex, crammed with challenges and opportunities.

Polyversity International is unique in a number of aspects. Its key features encompass:

  1. Distinct leadership with UN/WHO background
  2. Value added training with global perspectives
  3. Need-based programs for diverse social groups
  4. Competency enrichment with universal standards
  5. Home-based learning with flexible time schedule
  6. Extremely nominal cost of the courses, affordable by all
  7. International programs through online in English language.
  8. National programs through online, email and mail in English with Urdu description.