Polyversity International welcomes experts and specialists in different subject areas to become Global Teacher.

Polyversity International accordingly invites experts and specialists in different subject areas to share their knowledge and skills to millions of people and earn a plentiful revenue on share – basis as a Global teacher

Polyversity International provides a prestigious platform to develop and teach futuristic home study eCourses to share their knowledge and skills with the aspiring professional and youth.

Becoming partner with the Polyversity International for developing the eCourse/s, the Global Teachers may earn plentiful revenue from the rational share from the tuition fee of the related study programs.

Above all, this provides a unique opportunity to ‘Pay back to Motherland’ and a substantial service to the humanity by esteemed contribution in the noble move of ‘Human Capital Development’.

Therefore, this unique initiative provides an exceptional opportunity for the qualified, knowledgeable, skillful and competent professionals, intellectuals and mentors belonging to all sectors and from all over the world to become Course Partner with Polyversity International and become a prestigious member of its Global Teachers Network. This dissemination and transferring their knowledge and skills is not only a memorable and noteworthy service to the humanity, but also a pronounced occasion to earn boundless repute and earn ever-extending capital.

Global Teachers can work at home or their office in their free time and develop online courses that are outlined with mutual understanding between both parties.With this explication, Polyversity International affectionately welcomes you to:

  • become a global teacher and share your knowledge and skills with millions of aspiring individuals across the world;
  • team up with a dynamic, multidisciplinary and transnational group of teachers and mentors;
  • create unique and useful courses to develop awareness, generate up-to-the-minute competencies and provoke change process among the individuals and societies;
  • facilitate youth in advancing their knowledge, learning new skills and enhancing their capabilities to adequately cope with the challenges of new ear; and to
  • produce extra income for yourself and your families by using your potential and extra time working at your place.