Polyversity International is offering unique and high value home based educational and competency development programs.

Who can join home study courses?

Polyversity International programs have the overall objective of developing human capital by enriching with the 21st century competencies. In line with that, each course has distinctive objectives, criteria, target audience, study schedule and assessment process.

Polyversity International courses are of diploma or certificate levels, suitable for those who aspire to grow in life and career within short time span.

Polyversity welcomes every adult willing to join the related courses, without any age limit or restriction of seats; however, candidates must meet the basic criteria of the chosen course.

Candidates may join maximum three courses at a time.

Target groups:

The following diverse target groups can join their related courses:

  1. In service personnel, such as executives, policy makers, managers, operational workforce, technical professionals, officers and officials from government, autonomous, and private sectors, as well as employees of non-governmental, civil society and international organizations.
  2. Self-employed entrepreneurs as well as the educated youth planning to join management profession, technical positions or entrepreneurship jobs.
  3. College and university students (to develop applied skills and competencies before commencing the professional life and exploring the job market).
  4. Public at large, families, volunteers and public leaders (to enhance their skills in the relevant areas).

Polyversity International, at its commencement, is launching pioneering set of educational programs; whereas, a number of professional, technical and self development courses are in the pipeline.