Participation Criteria


Polyversity International follow a concise criteria for the experts to join the network of Global Teachers.

The scholars and intellectuals who wish to join the Global Teachers Network, may self-assess whether they meet the under-mentioned basic criteria:

  • Qualified and/or specialized in certain subject area (at least college or university degree or institution diploma)
  • Knowledgeable and well-conversant with the related updates and developments.
  • Skillful and competent in one or more areas or topics that can be useful for the learners
  • Sound experience in certain task/s or have successfully practiced some model/s that are valuable for others
  • Have teaching skills and capacities, particularly for in developing courses, that may involve literature review, preparing lectures notes, presentations, and videos
  • Have access to computer, IT tools and other basic necessities
  • Agree on the terms of reference outlined by the Polyversity International