Addressing 21st Century Challenges in Developing Countries: “An urgent need for ‘Human Capital Development”

Today world is rapidly changing in multiple directions and dimensions, impacting human life with surprised developments and enhanced complexities.

In this intricate era, every day brings unanticipated and far fetched challenges and contests. Particularly, with the advent of the 21st century, the globalization and the open market economy caused multidimensional influences and anomalies, influencing every walk of human life. The resultant socio-economic transitions, coupled with pioneering technological advancements, have exceptionally transformed the world into an interactive settlement, functioning in a highly complex environment.

With this milieu, the new generation has to live, work and survive in exceedingly contending and challenging situations and settings. These situations are usually featured with constructive as well as destructive driving forces that interplay in many forms. To a positive side, the emergence of countless opportunities complement the human abilities and potential in dealing with the lifetime contests. For that reason, the vital social groups (such as: aspiring youngsters, functioning professionals and women factions) essentially require patronage in improving knowledge, boosting skills and enriching competencies, as well as galvanizing their morals and spirits.

Towards that necessity, the countries, civil society organizations, professional institutions and welfare establishments are expected to initiate innovative and ingenious solutions to support and mentor the vital groups and factions of the society.

The eventual intention is to enhance and galvanize the capacities and competencies of the professionals and students, to be able to adequately address the forthcoming challenges to achieve success in their life and career. The emphasis is on their value to be able to compete in the global market and become productive citizens contributing in national development.

Polyversity International

Developing Human Capital with 21st Century Competencies

      Polyversity International, an independent professional institute,

focusing on

‘Human Capital Development’  with 21st Century Competencies

Polyversity International has innovative programs and paradigms to enable the professionals, youth and other social groups in their intellectual growth, knowledge enrichment, skills development, competencies enhancement and social grooming, for desired accomplishments in life and career.

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